John Wiener
Founder & Global Head Commercial Search Practice

“Today’s pharmaceutical and biotech industry is being challenged as never before to keep pace with demographic change, advancing technology and increasing specialization. To keep pace, leading organizations must have world-class talent and leaders with global vision.”

John Wiener opened Fairway Consulting Group after a successful career that included nine years as vice president of a $90 million manufacturing company (a subsidiary of US Industries). His BS in Chemistry and Mathematics, with a minor in Physics, from Vanderbilt University, followed by two years of medical school, have enabled him to knowledgeably discuss specific job requirements and trends in the pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical devices industries. John is also a superior golfer (hence the company’s name Fairway), and an enthusiastic cyclist and swimmer.

A network of over 1,100 diverse recruiting offices has consistently ranked John as a business leader for the past ten years. Instilling the ideals of integrity, ethics, responsibility and excellence, he has developed a professional recruiting team that has also consistently surpassed industry benchmarks for success.