Our culture

At Fairway, we enjoy working together and lifting each other up.  We instill a culture of learning, collaboration, friendship, and unparalleled standards. We celebrate each other’s successes and support one another in conquering challenges.  Weekly team meetings, mentorships, and external training opportunities are provided to advance each recruiter’s professional development and job satisfaction.

We know how important it is to have fun with the people you work with every day. Baseball games, bowling events, BBQ summer outings with tennis & golf, and our overnight trip to Atlantic City have strengthened our team spirit and provided great memories.  Company-sponsored trips, happy hours, dart tournaments, Halloween costume competitions, Thanksgiving potluck lunches, and countless other activities all contribute to our positive work atmosphere.  If you’re looking for a great group of people to work with, learn from, and knock a few back with, Fairway is the place for you!

Classic rock usually plays in the background of our office, but Justin Timberlake and country music devotees get their turns to play DJ.

We consume as much chocolate as coffee.

You will find Allbirds on most of our staff’s feet.

Our golf handicaps range from scratch to 40+.

Company outings have included golf, tennis, bowling, paint ball, and the tables in Atlantic City.