Global Platform Lead

Job Summary:
The Global Platform Lead (GPL) is a senior, cross-functional strategic business leader in the CSL organization, reporting to the relevant function leadership. The GPL is accountable for the platform strategy and delivery within the platform portfolio and in that capacity to the respective Platform Leadership Team. Specifically, for the Cell & Gene Therapy platform, the GPL is accountable for the product strategy and delivery within the platform portfolio (plasma or cell & gene therapy) until the product/indication is clinically validated and then is accountable for the successful transition of the product into the relevant TA. For all platforms, the GPL is a member of the GPL Leadership Team (grass roots/informal team).
  • Depending on the specific platform requirements and its stage of development, the GPL has high-level accountabilities that are critical to the delivery of CSL business objectives and R&D value targets. These may include:
  • Create and lead a high-performing, cross-functional team of global functional senior leaders responsible for the delivery of the platform strategic objectives.
  • Creating ambitious development plans and options for each of their portfolio assets, with the goal of managing the trade-off between time, risk, cost, and value.
  • Responsible to ensure alignment of the Platform Strategy Team (PST) project portfolio to Therapeutic Area Leadership Team (TALT) and respective functional area strategies.
  • Accountable for the development and oversight of related activities including either the transition of assets into a TALT and/or E2E Operations/Manufacturing.
  • Drive maximum patient value across our portfolio through enhancement of platforms, novel technologies, and product/process improvements.
  • Responsible for creation and oversight of 3-year global cross-functional business plan that meets commercial, R&D and/or E2E strategic objectives.
  • Responsible for communicating to PST members (full time and flexible) Platform Leadership Team, TALT, Functional leaders in R&D and E2E Operations (where appropriate), and other functions about platform plans, challenges, and requirements for the Platform’s success.
  • Managing the membership of the PST to ensure the constituency is fit-for-purpose to meet the PST program needs as the platform portfolio matures.
Major tasks and responsibilities include:
Team Leadership
    • Acts as the Platform Champion, ensuring that program and project priorities are established and appropriately communicated; ensuring portfolio prioritization conflicts are addressed and/or escalated as required.
    • Create and manage a high-performing and streamlined, “fit for purpose” PST by leading the full-time members and flexible members as the PST strategic and tactical requirements evolve.
    • Has creative and visible leadership of high performing cross-functional team of global functional senior leaders responsible for platform deliverables.
    • Collaborates with appropriate functional area leads to support strategic platform direction.
    • Makes significant contributions to the development and performance of core PST members deployed from all functions.
    • Plays an active role in development of talent to achieve GPL talent succession objectives.
Member of Platform Leadership Team
    • Is accountable for delivering the R&D and Therapy Portfolio Investment Board [TPIB] endorsed business strategies and respective platform objectives.
    • Contributes to and recommends updates to the strategy that would maximize the value of the platform and specific Project assets within the Platform remit.
Research Interaction and Product Transition
    • Partners with relevant functions to develop platform strategy and risk mitigated POC development plan for presentation to R&D Leadership Team (RDLT).
    • Ensures smooth and efficient transition of product oversight into the TAs and/or E2E development/manufacturing.
Resourcing PST
    • Actively resources PST by working with and influencing functional leaders for appropriately skilled resources for their platform and Projects at each stage in development.
    • As needed, leads CSL due diligence teams in the (i) evaluation of potential in-licensing opportunities for new innovations, technologies and/or products within the PST, (ii) presentation of opportunities and business cases to CSL governance boards and (iii) efficient transition to post-deal delivery.
    • Requires cross-functional business leadership for alliances with external partners to deliver on commitments and to explore additional partnering opportunities for assigned products/brands.
    • Mentors, partners, and collaborates with both Product and Platform Strategy Teams as well as within respective PSTs to share best practices and development experience to be applied to other projects within and across R&D.
    • Fosters individual and team development.
Asset Management Forums
    • As the GPL accountable for a given platform, partners with other GPLs across the R&D portfolio to assess additional opportunities such as second brand options in the TAs.
Platform Strategy Design
    • Defines and communicates of the overall vision for global development and business impact as related to the platform for which they are accountable.
    • Is accountable for development, maintenance, and revision of the Platform Strategy Plan(s) (PSP) to maximize the value of their product(s).
    • Defines content of product/project business cases to deliver both regulatory approvals (meeting worldwide health authority needs) and reimbursement approval (meeting key country payer requirements).
    • Continues new value generation including strategic focus upon continuous improvement which ultimately will translate into optimized and successful product development and marketability meeting patient needs.
    • Works in collaboration with TAs and Product-PSTs, as appropriate, to ensure aligned and optimized program portfolio prioritization and planning.
Governance Interactions
  • As required, leads the development and presentation of PSP and product business cases to the appropriate governance body, including but not limited to, Platform Leadership Team, RDLT and/or Therapy Product Review Committee (TPRC).
  • Presents as needed to functional leadership teams, such as the Therapy Portfolio Investment Board (TPIB) for product strategy decisions, etc.
  • Represents the PSP and/or business cases to joint CSL/Alliance Partners governance bodies for investment decision, where appropriate.
  • Provides regular progress updates to internal governance bodies on progress, risks, opportunities and challenges, and pertinent changes in the external environment.
Platform Strategy Execution
  • Delivers on governance-approved business cases within defined tolerances on time, cost, and quality, working with functional management as required to resolve issues.
  • Represents budgetary and time/schedule accountabilities within ranges as per Decision-Making Framework guidance.
  • Delivers platform information to support internal and external business portfolio reporting (e.g., internal platform/project briefings, R&D Analyst Day, annual results communications etc.)
  • Presents risk, opportunity, and issue management at strategic, tactical, and operational levels as required.
CSL Rights, Data, and Intellectual Property
  • In partnership with the Platform Leadership Team and potentially the TAs, ensures the development and execution of the strategic communication plan for the platform including publication plans and public relations.
  • Oversees the alignment of the publication strategy to ensure all internal and external communication reflect platform strategy and team decisions.
  • Manages CSL rights and obligations in relation to any corporate agreements that relate to the platform.
  • Understands all Intellectual Property (IP) assets of the product and/or platform in consultation with IP and legal experts.
  • Working with other platform leads, addresses cross-functional issues management teams to maintain platform efficacy.
  • Partners with the Platform Leadership Team and Investor Relations functions to develop and actively manage the external messages for the analyst community for end of year results and all other material business interactions.
Compliance and Code of Conduct
  • Ensures that all PST activities are conducted per CSL Code of Conduct and all CSL policies, including compliance with ethical business practices.
  • Ensures all governance/compliance concerns are identified, reported, and managed appropriately.
We seek candidates with the following qualifications:
  • A Graduate level degree is required. An advanced degree is preferred.
Skills and Professional Capabilities:
  • Must have an entrepreneurial business mindset - rising above functional leadership to act as owner/entrepreneur, in control of every aspect of the business.
  • Must be an engaging and inclusive team leader - a proven ‘people manager’ able to motivate, inspire and develop a wide range of individuals.
  • Requires experience building organizational programs that unify rather than divide even when it may be faster or easier to work within silos.
  • The ability to remove obstacles and help teams access opportunities to advance the business is required.
  • Must emphasize the importance of taking initiative and acting urgently to capitalize on opportunities.
  • Outstanding organizational influencing skills with the ability to navigate internal and external stakeholders and decision-makers at all levels is required.
  • Must operate with authority and confidence – a credible, confident business leader with CSL governance bodies and key external agencies and groups.
  • The ability to adapt organizational structures, processes, systems, and culture as needed without getting stuck in old ways of working is required.
  • Must have a mature character – conducive way to interactions regardless of business pressures.
Required Experience:
  • Requires a minimum of 12+ years of industry or equivalent product development experience.
  • Demonstrated leadership of cross-functional, multi-cultural teams in a drug development context (product or function) is required.
  • Extensive knowledge and experience of the drug development process is required.
  • Requires a proven track record in managing internal and external relationships.
  • Requires a demonstrated ability to learn new information rapidly and effectively.
  • Senior line management experience in a drug development function at the functional leadership team level is required.
Preferred Experience:
  • Cross-functional leadership role for the delivery of different aspects of drug development programs (e.g., process science/engineering, regulatory submissions, etc.) as required for the PST is preferred.
  • Proven competence and senior line-management experience in a scientific/technical aspect of the relevant platform is preferred.
  • Demonstrated leadership of a global organization is desirable.
  • International exposure to different product regulatory agencies is desirable.
  • Demonstrated development experience for previously licensed and marketed products is preferred.
  • Effective collaboration with Key Stakeholders such as:
    • Platform Strategy Team
    • Platform Leadership Team
    • Head, Clinical & TA Strategy
    • Project Review Meeting
    • R&D Leadership Team
    • Therapy Product Review Committee
    • Therapy Product Investment Board Functional Leadership
    • Intellectual Property Function
    • Investor Relations
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